Posted in August 2012

Rant, Rave and an Apple Tree

My rant this week – Rude Teenagers This week my children and I witnessed an accident, a really bad accident. We were at the gas station and on the road right next to us a van rear ended a truck at a pretty high speed. Both vehicles’ airbags deployed and the drivers were both unconscious. … Continue reading

Back to school

Chase and his groupies (aka, the rest of the family) dropped him off at pre-K with an enthusiastic delivery. The pick up was even more enthusiastic. He had a great day, and the rest of us did, too. On a typical school day the rest of us would return home and attack our school work … Continue reading

Channeling My Inner Helen

Everyone has methods of navigating difficult times. Some people count to ten, others take a deep breath…I channel my inner Helen. Helen was my Grandma. She loved unconditionally and cared more about helping others than helping herself. She never panicked, she calmly assessed situations and she would just work through them, reassuring everyone around her … Continue reading

Meet Chase

This is Chase, our youngest son. Beyond being a wildly awesome fashion statement, he is our sweet little boy…who happens to have autism. He starts a new school on Monday, and I am anxious about it. He is excited. It’s funny (in a non-haha kind of way) that I’m the one who is having the … Continue reading

Knocking on Privacy’s Door

Recently I was asked what the best parenting advice I had ever heard was and I immediately blurted out “knock on your kid’s door starting at birth.” I didn’t hear this little gem of advice until I had a 3 year old, a 15 month old, and was 5 months pregnant with the wonder twins. … Continue reading


We started easing into school today. We’re going to do an America the Beautiful tour this year for Geography. One of the greatest things for me personally about homeschooling is that I continue to learn along with my children. I’ve only driven through Alabama, with a two day stay once with some friends of mine … Continue reading

Apple Tree Love

This is my little Julianne.   Today she did her own hair and she’s very happy with it…when I look at her I can’t help but think of Cruella Deville.  Julianne’s a very sweet and kind hearted girl, with a touch (ahem…big touch) of a temper.  90% of the time she refers to me as … Continue reading

Our piano is reborn!

  Today we had our antique piano tuned.  Since we have never had it done before (11 years of not having it done…oops) we expected it to be a nightmare on our budget.  But, since our 4 year old twins will start lessons this year and our 9 year old daughter has been playing for … Continue reading