Food Waste Friday – Oozy Spinach…and some of our recipes this week

I really expected to lose a lot of perishable food this week with the hurricane and all. Luckily we only lost power for about 24 hours. During that 24 hours my children drank a lot of milk, orange juice, and happily gobbled down daddy’s “special” yogurt…key lime pie greek yogurt. When the power came back on we checked the damages, and surprisingly the only food that was bad was this bag of spinach…and odds are good it was already gross before the power went out. Everything in our freezer was still frozen…yay!

I don’t know how this spinach got away from us…we eat a lot of spinach normally. time we’ll do better.

This week we tried two new dishes that I think are worth sharing.

Pulled Pork Spareribs with Coffee and Molasses — this was delicious. If you like rich flavors for your bbq I’d definitely try it. If you aren’t into a heavy molasses and coffee taste, then pass. My kids even ate this, which really surprised me. It was a great break from sweet bbq which has been our go to flavor lately.

Carrot Cake Pudding — I made this for breakfast this week. It’s an excellent, healthy take on carrot cake pudding without any sugar. You can’t even taste the carrots at all. In fact, I thought it tasted more like pumpkin pie filling. If you have problems with sugar then make as is, but I added some pure maple syrup and it was so yummy. My older two children wouldn’t try it at all, but I expected this. The twins both tried it, and Julianne ate two bowls of it. I made the homemade coconut butter that is linked within the recipe, so now I need to look up some more uses for the rest of that coconut butter. I definitely recommend this if you have problems with gluten and/or dairy like I do.

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