Apple Tree Love

This is my little Julianne.  


Today she did her own hair and she’s very happy with it…when I look at her I can’t help but think of Cruella Deville.  Julianne’s a very sweet and kind hearted girl, with a touch (ahem…big touch) of a temper.  90% of the time she refers to me as “your highness”.  Most of the time I call her Julianne or Jules, but she will also answer to Ariel, Aurora, and Rapunzel.  Julianne is a tough kid, she will let you know what she’s thinking when she is thinking it…and if a sibling or cousin wants to start a physical altercation….well, good luck, she will go Hulk in a split second and then return to her princess fairy tale world.  Her favorite color is blue, number is 5, and she can’t live without apples.  

In fact, she loves them so much she can’t help but share that love.  Julianne plants her apple seeds in mason jars, and when they grow she gives them away as gifts so that others can enjoy them, too.  Here is a picture of her first apple tree sprout in our new home.  I wonder who will be lucky enough to be the recipient of her special little gift.  The jar on the right is her brother’s peach pit waiting to sprout.  Julianne takes care of her baby tree, she waters it, she talks to it, and she sings to it.  She also leans in close to it, because, as she’ll tell you, if you are quiet enough you can hear it grow.  


I love this sweet little girl and all of her apple tree love!       

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