Our piano is reborn!



Today we had our antique piano tuned.  Since we have never had it done before (11 years of not having it done…oops) we expected it to be a nightmare on our budget.  But, since our 4 year old twins will start lessons this year and our 9 year old daughter has been playing for several years this was part of her birthday gift, as well as a gift to us and our neighbors considering we have to listen to the playing.  She is very good, but the piano was waaaayyyyy out of tune!  I googled for tuners in our area and called several, all of them wanted around $50 just to come out and give us an estimate…I didn’t mention that there were a couple broken keys.  I called our new piano teacher and asked what she thought.  She provided me with the name of a local gentleman who tuned pianos.  

I called.  He tuned.  The kids tickled the ivories for hours!  Total cost was $50.  This gentleman was older, I mean OLDER, and he looked so content while he worked.  He played beautiful old show tunes when he was finished.  He did great work with what we gave him.  It isn’t perfect, but our piano is over 100 years old.  It sounds beautiful!

The picture is of the tuner he brought to work on our piano…he turned that piano from a decoration into a beautiful playing instrument.  He told us that our piano was made during an “era of quality” and I think that his work was a direct result of his respect for that quality.   

I love music!  I love that my children love to play the piano!  Listening to their music brings me great joy!  Simple joy!

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