Meet Chase

This is Chase, our youngest son. Beyond being a wildly awesome fashion statement, he is our sweet little boy…who happens to have autism. He starts a new school on Monday, and I am anxious about it. He is excited. It’s funny (in a non-haha kind of way) that I’m the one who is having the anxiety with it. But it’s new for him and transitions are tough, and there are 17 students and he has a hard time with large groups of people. So, I am nervous because I want this to be an amazing first day for him, not a day filled with worries and fear. I’m sure it will be great, but my helicopter parent blades are still really wanting to be in high gear.

I love the picture above because it includes the only two things Chase selected for back to school items, Ironman sneakers, and the plaid derby cap. Beyond the school supplies on the pre-K list he didn’t want anything else. He is ready to conquer his new class. He told me that Ironman will help make him tough, and the plaid hat…well, that’s just cool.

This summer we’ve really been working on showing empathy towards other children. We’ve been practicing what we look like when we feel different emotions. Check out the pics below, he was practicing “surprised” and “angry”. Last year Chase would mimic the kids to explain what they were feeling…but the kids didn’t like that because they thought he was making fun of them. He’s getting better with it, and he likes to practice. This has also helped him to let us know how he is feeling. He loses his ability to articulate clearly when he feels extreme emotions. Pictures of his faces have made handling his emotions a lot easier for him and our family.



I hope that tomorrow will be a very “excited” day!

2 thoughts on “Meet Chase

  1. Enjoyed your post and love the ironman sneaks! Good luck with the first day. We move to Ft Lee in Oct and Pat will be going through similar things. So…I understand and Go Army Softball! 🙂

    • Thanks, Cupcake! I hope you have a good move, too! I am so happy with our new school and their special education staff! Last year, the teacher and class room were wonderful, but they denied services and wouldn’t recognize the diagnosis. This year, they immediately updated the diagnosis and approved services…speech and OT…based on how the old school wrote his IEP. Interesting, but I’m just too happy to think deeply about it…and so grateful that I don’t have to fight for the updates. I was totally prepared for it, too! Talk to you soon!

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