Back to school

Chase and his groupies (aka, the rest of the family) dropped him off at pre-K with an enthusiastic delivery. The pick up was even more enthusiastic. He had a great day, and the rest of us did, too.

On a typical school day the rest of us would return home and attack our school work with a vengeance, but today was different. The kids woke up early and finished all of their work by 10 a.m. They finished their “cleaning activities” and were just set to relax. Although I was thinking about Chase, this afternoon was all about these cutie-patuties.

They didn’t want to go swimming, they didn’t think it was fair to Chase because he wouldn’t get to. They’re so sweet. So, we went to the library and played checkers, read books, did an art activity, and then went home and drew monster trucks.

It was quiet, and peaceful…and we missed Chase, but we were grateful for the break. That sounds terrible, right? I feel terrible for thinking it. We don’t talk about it, or mention looking forward to having a small breather….but the feeling is present. Having a special needs child is hard, and I think that having a special needs sibling is just as tough. Young children understand as best they can, but when Mommy and Daddy are spread just a little too thin it’s hard to handle. Chase needs extra attention, and no one ever questions it….but during these small breaks the other kids get just a little more, and it’s appreciated and very much enjoyed.

We homeschool Micaela, Devan, and Julianne for many different reasons and, although not one of the original driving factors to homeschool, this special one-on-one time focused on learning and exploring knowledge is one of them. I don’t think we would have as much of it if the children all went to public school. So, right now, this is the solution that works for our family. It helps us get a little closer to balance.

Did I mention that we missed Chase? He missed us, too, and was very happy to get home!

It didn’t take long for everyone to get back to their usual, crazy antics….getting Micaela!


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