Teaching an old dog new tricks…or a better place to lie down

This is our old, and somewhat cranky lab, Guinness. Cranky isn’t the right word to use, he just wants to be left alone…except by me, apparently he thinks I’m awesome. So, how could I not love him. But look where he is, in the busiest little section of my house…the kitchen corner where the stove, dishwasher, refrigerator, and sink (on the caddy corner island you can’t see) converge.

I’ve tried a nice padded mat, there’s a nice area rug on the other side of the room, and several in other rooms on this floor. But nope, here is where he chooses. There is a nice breeze from the open windows, maybe that’s why. Or maybe he is secretly hoping that I’ll drop some food his way…after all, he has proximity on his side. He will scoot if I ask him to, but he sneaks right back into place like a quiet doggy ninja. I think I might put a bell on his collar.

He really is such a good dog, so I can’t be too upset. But, seriously, dog, find a more comfortable spot! It’s hazardous! I haven’t tripped yet, but we’ve only lived here for a couple months. It’s coming, I’m a klutz!

Until he does, I guess I’ll just have to keep asking him nicely to move and treating my sacred little kitchen workspace like an obstacle course. Thanks for keeping me on my toes, Guinness!

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