An onion, croutons, and some price matching thoughts…

This week I had to throw away a wilting, moldy onion…bubye.

I saved some garlic bread by turning it into homemade croutons for a salad we will have tonight. Yay!

It’s easy, just wait a day after you make/buy the garlic bread, cut it into cubes and then bake at 400 degrees on a baking sheet for 15 minutes.

And I also decided that I think price matching is not my thing. Although alluring because of instant savings, I don’t want my shopping choices to eventually widdle down to really big superstores that drove other businesses into the ground by taking away their customers because they would price match. Think about it. If they will match any price for any local competitor, eventually the other businesses could go out of business and then the superstore can just charge how ever much they want. So, I will make the extra trip or two if the deal is good enough. Plus, I prefer quality products over just low price…there are stores out there that combine quality and low price, thank goodness!

One thought on “An onion, croutons, and some price matching thoughts…

  1. Thanks for popping over and sharing your FWF. Great photos!
    I love the croutons – perfect with soup…
    As for price matching – I agree with your rationale. It’s similar to my thoughts on couponing etc… I buy what I need for the week, and do not deviate based on special deals etc. I believe this saves money and food in the long run…

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