We started easing into school today. We’re going to do an America the Beautiful tour this year for Geography.

One of the greatest things for me personally about homeschooling is that I continue to learn along with my children.

I’ve only driven through Alabama, with a two day stay once with some friends of mine that were attending flight school at Fort Rucker.

I’m interested to hear what folks from Alabama want others to know about their state. So, if you’re a native please let me know things beyond most text book contents — greatest places to visit, food favorites, local traditions…things like that. My goal is to get my children to want to visit all of the states and truly experience America…even if it is just through learning right now and not in person.

How do you study geography? I have to make this fun…my 4th grader will gobble it up and retain everything a book contains…but my 1st grader, well, I don’t expect him to do that yet, and he’s a hands on learner.

Any input would help, thanks!

Here are some free resources from Teachers Pay Teachers. There are definitely some we can use in here.

Update 8/26/12 – we finished our week on Alabama with a batch of peach cobbler cupcakes, after all peaches are one of Alabama’s state foods. We also read about Helen Keller and W. C. Handy based on a suggestion from a friend from Alabama. Additional worksheets came from we used the free resources targeted at 1st and 4th grades, but they have so many to choose from if you want something a little bit more in depth.


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