Rant, Rave and an Apple Tree

My rant this week – Rude Teenagers

This week my children and I witnessed an accident, a really bad accident. We were at the gas station and on the road right next to us a van rear ended a truck at a pretty high speed. Both vehicles’ airbags deployed and the drivers were both unconscious. A police officer just happened to be on the corner and so there was no need for anyone that witnessed the accident to call for help. The paramedics and fire department were there within minutes. Hopefully everyone was ok. Now, here’s my problem with the situation….three teenagers that just got out from school and were pumping gas next to me started to laugh when the accident happened and making comments about the drivers…that they hoped they were really hurt because of how….well, I’m going to stop repeating them because it makes me mad. I was speechless. Laughing at a car accident and making comments like that just baffle me. I was glad that my kids were in the car and didn’t hear the teenagers, but we did talk about the accident. Normally I would discuss things that would reassure them that police officers, paramedics, and firefighters were there to help the people in the cars and then we say a little prayer. This time we talked about the right way to respond to an accident. So, for as much as the teenagers disgusted me, they did provide me a great lesson for my kids on how not to act. Ridiculous!

My rave – My kids are cleaning wizards!

Random toys before clean up 😉

My children start each day with breakfast, then they get ready for the day with the usual dressing and grooming activities, and now we have incorporated “cleaning activities” EVERY SINGLE DAY! Pardon me for sounding all 80’s, but WOOT WOOT WOOT! Chores have always been a huge whine fest in our house, and I can only accomplish so much in one day…but my oldest daughter asked if we could change the title of “chores” to “cleaning activities” and abra cadabra….like magic everyone was contributing and not whining, and by day three they didn’t even need a reminder to do them. So now, they eat breakfast, get dressed and ready, then they clean their rooms, sort, fold, and put away the clean laundry, and vacuum the couches and area rugs. My oldest daughter is a super genius!

And an apple tree update….

Look at how this little bugger is growing! Julianne is so proud! We did have to gently place it back in dirt because sweet little Chase pulled on it in a not so sweet moment (notice that his peach tree on the right isn’t germinating yet..yeah, that’s the not so sweet moment). But, it’s doing well and we also did some research and now know that we shouldn’t expect to see anything from the peach pit for another 4 weeks or so.

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