Posted in September 2012

Soccer Saturday

Today we spent our morning at the soccer park. It was not a typical soccer Saturday for us. Usually soccer Saturdays consist of us taking our kids to soccer and watching them not play soccer…see below. The twins are more likely to pick grass and chase each other around while the rest of the 4 … Continue reading

So What If We Are Weird!?!?

Recently I was at the market with my children, not just any market…we were at Walmart…the land of “weird”. Something happened that trip that will probably get me all fired up at the thought of it from now until forever…and made me realize that I’m ok being weird. Here’s what happened… Our trip started like … Continue reading

Impromptu Backyard Science

This week we have been studying about Light and Sound for science. We have had a great time with this. It has coincided with a great program on Sound at our public library, and we’ve had a total blast making hand shadow puppet shows in the evening. We’ll also conduct an experiment to show how … Continue reading

Readjusting for sticking points – Part 1

My fellas, enjoying some time together! Now that school and sports are in full swing and my husband has returned from his three month TDY we’ve run into some daily sticking points as we try to assimilate back into a regular schedule and live together as a family again. Some sticky areas are predictable, some … Continue reading

Food Waste Friday – I salvaged a grapefruit

This week I’m very happy to say that we did not have any food waste. The only thing that I contemplated tossing was a grapefruit. Ahhhh, the grapefruit….the grapefruit that my 9 year old insisted on us buying because she LOVES LOVES LOVES grapefruits. In actuality she does not even like grapefruits…but deep down I … Continue reading

Graciousness this Patriot Day

Today I am gracious. I am gracious for emergency response workers. I am gracious for civil force employees. I am gracious for the military. I am especially gracious that these people are well trained and willing to serve in the capacity they do. Today, like every September 11th since 2001, our family discusses what happened. … Continue reading

Drinking Science

So this weekend we incorporated science into our dinner. Hands on science is always a bigger hit in my house as opposed to just reading about it. We had been reading about liquids, gases, and solids and making lists of examples of each and different characteristics. Science Bob had a great experiment about liquid density, … Continue reading

A Trip to Charm City

This past weekend we went to Baltimore, the National Aquarium to be precise. We invested in an annual Family Plus Membership there (if you go there more than once a year this makes sense!). Anyway, being the frugal zealots that we are we parked in Little Italy for the $3/day fee and walked about a … Continue reading


I have a love for vintage things. My home is filled with antique furniture, beautiful items made by hand…I appreciate the hard work and personal touch to the craftsmanship. Our best finds were not found in big antique shops, but rather in small, rinky-dink, run down places…mostly in Central Texas. Ads taken out in the … Continue reading