Posted in October 2012

This relaxing moment…

Is brought to you by Micaela. Micaela just started working on Sonatina. This is only the first part…but it just sounds so soothing to me. I love listening to her play…but more importantly, I love that she loves to play! So sit back, listen, and relax 🙂

Encouraging kids to work hard

Devan keeps me on my toes! He is a go get ’em kid, full of energy. I love the energy, but I am fully aware that if I do not have a long list of things he can do then his energy will be funneled in a manner that isn’t ideal…for example, teasing the snot … Continue reading

Hitting the reset button

I didn’t get a chance to write at all last week…we had a very difficult week! It involved my husband being away for work, a serious doggy injury, an overseas auto-accident (everyone’s ok!), and the death of someone close to our oldest daughter. Last week I focused directly on what needed my attention and was … Continue reading

The Life of a Home

The house I live in was built in 1903. The same family owned and lived in it until the late 1990’s…several generations of them that is. This is the garage/storage shed that is in the back. I love looking at it. I think it’s the basketball hoop, maybe, and the worn out court lines painted … Continue reading

Food Waste Friday and a Cake

This week we lay to rest a pepper and some leftover Chicken Cacciatore that lived in our fridge for a couple of weeks (ewwww…I forgot about it, it was a quiet, non-stinky tenant there!). These were our favorite recipes this week. Slow Cooker Broccoli and Cheese Soup – I only had cheddar cheese and it … Continue reading

Feeling loved…and spoiled!

Unexpected gestures of love are wonderful! Today, we are not only feeling loved…but very spoiled! This beautiful (and tasty!) Harry & David Halloween Owl filled with cookies was delivered to our doorstep. Thank you, thank you, thank you….there are none left! 🙂

Bring Your Own Nuts

Awwww, isn’t this little guy cute? NO! NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT! Look at his eyes, they’re creepy! All the more reason to not like this little bugger is that he is in my attic! I’m sure he’s up there making invitations for all his little friends…shaped like acorns…telling them all he’s throwing a big … Continue reading

Halloween Costume Budget and a Money Lesson

This year we splurged, we gave each child a $10 budget to work with for Halloween costumes. This amount doesn’t seem like a lot for some, but if you have checked out the costumes in the stores near where we live (to include goodwill) you know that it isn’t much to work with. Considering we … Continue reading

Pretzel Broetchen and Gluhwein

In order to get my husband ready for a trip to Germany next week we will indulge in some German treats, pretzel broetchen and gluhwein. The gluhwein is for the grown ups, but we’ll happily share the pretzel broetchen! We’ll throw in some brats with sauerkraut, too. I will try the recipe from Veg Web … Continue reading