The Life of a Home

The house I live in was built in 1903. The same family owned and lived in it until the late 1990’s…several generations of them that is.

This is the garage/storage shed that is in the back.

I love looking at it. I think it’s the basketball hoop, maybe, and the worn out court lines painted on the driveway. It makes me think about how many wonderful memories were made here. I know that it probably wasn’t added for years after the house was built, but it’s a part of this house’s history that made it someone’s home.

I wonder if in another 100 years someone else will live in this house and wonder about the memories my family made here. Here’s one from today….Devan riding his bike for hours up and down the drive way shouting “dun-da-da-dun…da-dun-da-da-dun”. Later on he wore a Captain America mask while he did this, but I wasn’t’ quick enough with the camera to capture that moment.

Thank goodness for nice, good humored neighbors!

(**don’t worry, he didn’t get far without a helmet on**)

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