Encouraging kids to work hard

Devan keeps me on my toes! He is a go get ’em kid, full of energy. I love the energy, but I am fully aware that if I do not have a long list of things he can do then his energy will be funneled in a manner that isn’t ideal…for example, teasing the snot out of his older sister without ever making a sound or touching her! I know, it’s a special talent or something. In all honesty, his energy can be really frustrating when he doesn’t use it for good! Yesterday, he focused on helping our senior neighbors and the money earned was an unexpected surprise.

Devan loves hard work! I’m not kidding. Manual labor is his thing…and it’s one of my favorite things about him. Our neighbor was doing yard work yesterday, and a lot of it. Devan immediately asked me if he could go ask him if he needed help. I told him to go ahead. At first our neighbor said he was almost finished, but next time he would definitely come over and get him. Devan understood, but he turned around looking all sad and mopey…like the sad little boy he became in that instant…and our neighbor changed his mind. He immediately perked up and got to work. He spent the next 90 minutes helping weed, rake, and winterizing a small backyard pond. Devan didn’t want anything for the work, he just wanted to help…and most of all, just work…he LOVES to work! On the way home our neighbor called him back and handed him a crisp five dollar bill. Can you say smiles ear to ear?!?!

Oh, how I love my neighbors! They are old fashioned, they help us out when we need it, they are kind, and now they employ my son 🙂 That night Devan told me how they talked about more ways he could help around their yard while they were working, and now he can’t wait for it to snow so he can help shovel their driveway. I reminded him that the money was a wonderful extra, but might not be a part of the next task…and my sweet boy told me he didn’t care, he just loved the work. Melt my heart!

Devan has a small bank for his money. However, this 5 dollar bill didn’t go into it….he put it underneath his pillow along with all of his other treasures. His treasures stay here all the time and whenever I see them I can’t help but smile….oh, how I love this little boy!

One thought on “Encouraging kids to work hard

  1. First time visitor to your blog. How old is Devan? My now-18-year-old daughter was exactly like that from the time she was 3 years old. She would do any kind of work for anyone. And her attention span when doing the work was sooo long. She also had loads of energy. Her kindergarten teacher requested that I restrict sugar or soda, thinking that was the source of her energy. It wasn’t – we don’t do soda or sugary cereal – but I suggested she have her help with chores etc. It made all the difference in her school career, as I am sure teachers all talk amongst themselves. Other suggested getting her tested for ADD. I did–it wasn’t. Keep handing Devan the work and he’ll learn to harnass the “energy”. My daughter did around 4th grade. Good luck.

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