Bring Your Own Nuts

Awwww, isn’t this little guy cute?

NO! NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT! Look at his eyes, they’re creepy! All the more reason to not like this little bugger is that he is in my attic! I’m sure he’s up there making invitations for all his little friends…shaped like acorns…telling them all he’s throwing a big ripper in his new, heated pad…BYON (Bring Your Own Nuts).

He comes in through this small space between the roof and the house that was left there 100 years ago to help prevent ice damns or something. I think it was left there because the builders loved squirrels, and/or had a thing against the original owners.

Our landlords are taking care of it this weekend. Thank goodness.

In the mean time, I’ve been sweeping up the insulation this guy has been tearing up and cleaning up the other messes associated with animals…gross! I bring my dog upstairs with me while I do this because all I can think of is the squirrel jumping out of the tree in the Griswald Family Christmas. He runs outside and sits on the roof right outside the window watching us…waiting for us to go back downstairs…and I’m sure he is laughing in his mini-squirrel mind and thinking of the good time his friends are going to have at his party. He’ll be the most popular squirrel on the block…for a couple days, maybe.

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