Hitting the reset button

I didn’t get a chance to write at all last week…we had a very difficult week! It involved my husband being away for work, a serious doggy injury, an overseas auto-accident (everyone’s ok!), and the death of someone close to our oldest daughter.

Last week I focused directly on what needed my attention and was able to take some time this weekend to hit our reset button before my husband had to leave again on another business trip.

What we took away from the week…

1) No opening in our fence line is too small! There are no openings anymore.
2) We love our dogs, but we had to set a limit on the amount of money we were willing to spend to fix some serious wounds sustained on a curious dog’s journey! This is so terrible to have to decide, but it definitely needs to be something to consider before anyone decides to own a pet. Luckily, our dog did not exceed the amount we had set aside, and now he’s healing well with a cone of shame to remind him of his mischievous ways.
3) We live in a wonderfully, tight knit neighborhood full of people who care and are genuinely kind hearted. Our neighbors helped us search for our dogs for over 4 hours, and a perfect stranger found them and brought them to the local vet. This was a such a blessing!
4) Frequent business trips are tough, but not impossible.
5) Never take anyone in your life for granted. Someone who appears to be healthy one day can be gone the very next.
6) Kids are resilient, and just because they may not respond to news of a death in a very emotional way does not mean that their heart isn’t badly bruised by it. Don’t avoid the subject, address it, and give a lot of hugs!
7) Hitting the reset button is very important! We spent the weekend just relaxing and then went on a haunted hike. It wasn’t haunted, but it was a wonderful night time hike through the trails at Otter Point Creek and we learned about nocturnal animals as well as other ways to help us protect the local ecosystem.

Now we are ready to get back into our regular routine and continue living, and loving our simple life!

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