Feeling loved…and spoiled!

Unexpected gestures of love are wonderful! Today, we are not only feeling loved…but very spoiled! This beautiful (and tasty!) Harry & David Halloween Owl filled with cookies was delivered to our doorstep. Thank you, thank you, thank you….there are none left! 🙂 Advertisements

Bring Your Own Nuts

Awwww, isn’t this little guy cute? NO! NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT! Look at his eyes, they’re creepy! All the more reason to not like this little bugger is that he is in my attic! I’m sure he’s up there making invitations for all his little friends…shaped like acorns…telling them all he’s throwing a big … Continue reading

Halloween Costume Budget and a Money Lesson

This year we splurged, we gave each child a $10 budget to work with for Halloween costumes. This amount doesn’t seem like a lot for some, but if you have checked out the costumes in the stores near where we live (to include goodwill) you know that it isn’t much to work with. Considering we … Continue reading

Pretzel Broetchen and Gluhwein

In order to get my husband ready for a trip to Germany next week we will indulge in some German treats, pretzel broetchen and gluhwein. The gluhwein is for the grown ups, but we’ll happily share the pretzel broetchen! We’ll throw in some brats with sauerkraut, too. I will try the recipe from Veg Web … Continue reading

Meet my arch nemesis…

Bubblegum…oh, how I loathe you. It wasn’t always like this, the laundry and I had a feud for years…but then I had children…laundry grew stronger, of course, but we just got a better washer….and then you, you creeped your way into my home. I avoid you in stores and I get goosebumps when you are … Continue reading

Globe Trotting Jealousy

Image courtesy of Arvind Balaraman at FreeDigitalPhotos.net Do you think it’s possible to be genuinely happy for someone and feel jealous at the same time? I’ve heard that you can’t…but I’m gonna disagree and go with yes. Final answer. I’m feeling happy and jealous all at the same time….for and of my husband. You see, … Continue reading

Just Another Manic Monday….

Ooooh, oh, oh…. Not really, it’s just an early Monday. A ‘get woken up at 130 a.m. by a whimpering 10 year old dog who played like a puppy all day with the kids and can’t move now because his hips hurt’ kind of Monday. I love him and I feel terribly bad for him….but … Continue reading

Soccer Saturday

Today we spent our morning at the soccer park. It was not a typical soccer Saturday for us. Usually soccer Saturdays consist of us taking our kids to soccer and watching them not play soccer…see below. The twins are more likely to pick grass and chase each other around while the rest of the 4 … Continue reading