Meet my arch nemesis…

Bubblegum…oh, how I loathe you. It wasn’t always like this, the laundry and I had a feud for years…but then I had children…laundry grew stronger, of course, but we just got a better washer….and then you, you creeped your way into my home. I avoid you in stores and I get goosebumps when you are offered to my kids.

You have broken my spirit, Hubba Bubba, Bazooka Joe, and the rest of your gang. I almost cried when I found 20 of you all chewed up hanging out in a cup holder in the back of the van, but it was cold out and you were cooperative about leaving. I thought our relationship would have improved based on our long conversation after that experience….but no, you’ve decided to find warmer meeting spots….the kids’ beds, indoor carpets, our dog’s tail, Chase’s nostril, Julianne’s hair, and the drier! Come on, the drier!?!?

I’m giving you fair warning…I’m stepping up my game. There will be no more peanut butter, ice cubes, freeze spray, tweezers, or scissors to remove you….I’m going on a strict campaign against all gum! You are not welcome anymore! All people will be searched before entering my home, to include their bags if that is what it has to come down to. Mr. Bubble, you and your club can hit the road!

What’s the worst spot you have ever found bubblegum?

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