Antique Furniture: A garage sale find and some gifts

This past weekend we picked up two new pieces of furniture. We haven’t bought antiques in a while….5 years really. Not because we didn’t want to, but we just didn’t need anything, and we’re pretty intentional with the items we welcome into our home. We want each item to be something we all love, plus, being military, odds are pretty high that we still have a lot of moves to make and who knows the size or style of the homes-to-be. The house we are living in now is considerably larger than the last couple we’ve been in, so we have some wide open spaces that really need to be filled with furniture.

This is my husband’s garage sale find. Honestly, it was wonderful to see my husband smile the way he did on Saturday! He loves antiquing! He’s got a radar, too….he just seems to know where you can make a great find…a good price for a good piece of furniture. It cost $75 and doesn’t need any work, well, we don’t think it needs any work besides maybe some nice scented drawer liners to help get rid of its mothball smell.

Originally our thought was that we’d put it in our upstairs hallway area. It’s more of a large entrance to the upstairs as opposed to a hallway. It didn’t look right though. And after some brainstorming we decided to put it in our upstairs bathroom. It fits perfectly and gives us extra storage for towels and bathroom things.

The next item was a gift from our neighbor. I know right….my jaw hit the floor when she called and asked if I wanted it because they were going to put it on the curb! “THE CURB! NO, NOT THE CURB!!!!!” is what our entire neighborhood heard through their walls in response to her question! This is a beautiful antique Bailey Table.

I’ve seen other, smaller versions in antique stores over the years for hundreds of dollars…in worse shape. This table is in perfect condition minus a ring on the top left corner. I have never tried to get a ring off of a table top before and I’m feeling a bit nervous about trying…maybe we’ll just leave it and say it helps give it character…unless someone can tell me a tried and true way to do it without ruining the table!

I offered to pay for it and she refused….so I’m picking up her mail while she’s on vacation…and I’ll make her a cake or something. I still don’t think that seems like a fair trade, so I’ll have to think of something else, too.

I think that it compliments our master bathroom perfectly with our gifted bottles on the counter! Our friends gave us all of these bottles because they didn’t have room for them and they couldn’t bear to think of tossing their uncle’s bottle collection.

So, now, two of our open spaces are filled with items we absolutely love. I’m so glad that we are patient about getting furniture and decorations. I wouldn’t want just anything to fill our house…I want items that make it feel like a home!

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