Just Another Manic Monday….

Ooooh, oh, oh….

Not really, it’s just an early Monday. A ‘get woken up at 130 a.m. by a whimpering 10 year old dog who played like a puppy all day with the kids and can’t move now because his hips hurt’ kind of Monday. I love him and I feel terribly bad for him….but he won’t take any pain killers, and he doesn’t want anyone to pet him. So…..I’ve been up since 130…trying to be quiet as not to wake anyone else.

My sweet Micaela joined me at 530 this morning….bad dream. We don’t get enough time alone together anyway, and I love these special, unexpected moments.

Instead of sitting silently reading or watching TV I decided to take a step forward on something I’ve been kicking the can on with her….sewing! She’s been asking for a very long time for me to teach her how to sew. Problem is…I don’t sew. Uh-oh. Her aunt even gave her a sewing machine for her birthday this summer…double uh-oh.

I really have had the best of intentions with this. I read a book about how to sew from the library as well the owner’s manual, and over the last couple of weeks I watched several YouTube videos for sewing beginners. I knew I needed to have some kind of basic know-how considering I haven’t used a sewing machine since Miss Ola’s HomeEc class in 8th grade…maybe it was 7th grade, I don’t remember.

Plus, she was putting on the pressure, two weeks ago I gave her a journal prompt for school “Look at that….” and her entrance was “that sewing machine, I haven’t even used you yet…..” One of the things I adore about Micaela is that she loves doing things like this. It forces me to be a better mom, and a better homemaker…well, at least try to be. Thank you sweet child.

So, let’s sew…

She wasn’t really into a lot of pictures this early in the morning, but I was able to get a 530 a.m. smile out of her. (**Special note here that Micaela is not a morning person, and waking up at 530 a.m. is UNHEARD of for her!)

Her first project was a blanket for a baby doll. It isn’t perfect, but we’ll both get better as we learn and practice. I consider this a huge success for a first sewing session…we didn’t sew our fingers!

Now that we’ve started we’d love to hear suggestions for good, **basic**, beginner sewing projects. Please share!


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