Soccer Saturday

Today we spent our morning at the soccer park. It was not a typical soccer Saturday for us. Usually soccer Saturdays consist of us taking our kids to soccer and watching them not play soccer…see below.

The twins are more likely to pick grass and chase each other around while the rest of the 4 year old team plays ‘get the ball’, aka soccer for 4 year olds.

Today, however, Chase decided that he wanted to play! And he played quite aggressively, too!

He even scored a goal! Thank heavens it wasn’t Silent Saturday and I was able to freak out like a nutty soccer mom and cheer him on! Everyone cheered him on! His social skills are improving quickly and his fear of getting in the crowd is eroding! I’m so happy I could just cry!

Don’t fret, we still had a grass picker…she was setting a trend, and soon after she started tumbling two other girls from the opposing team joined her while the game went on behind them. She told us she prefers gymnastics…obviously!

Way to go socceroos!


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