Impromptu Backyard Science

This week we have been studying about Light and Sound for science. We have had a great time with this. It has coincided with a great program on Sound at our public library, and we’ve had a total blast making hand shadow puppet shows in the evening. We’ll also conduct an experiment to show how light is not necessary for plants to grow, but without it they will be white and yellow, not green and I’ll post about that later on.

Yesterday we had a bit of some impromptu backyard science when our land lord moved a large pile of wood in our yard. Moving the pile uncovered a small village of enormous slugs! 5 very large slugs and a pile of slug eggs (we assume) had claimed this space in our yard. So of course we had to examine these animals!

The slugs were also accompanied by a lot of worms and a couple centipedes. I’m sure they are great little neighbors.

The eggs looked like clear tiny jelly beans, sort of. They also sparked a lot of questions…and a lot of ‘ewwww, gross!’ sort of comments.

After looking at the buggy village for a while we carefully moved all of them over to another moist spot near the old carriage house in the backyard so they wouldn’t die. Hopefully they are all as cozy there as they were under their wood pile.

We found this great information page and worksheet at Enchanted Learning on slugs. We have an annual membership to the site, and for $20 a year, it has been a wonderful investment! There are a lot of free resources as well on this site!

One slug also went to preschool with Chase for show and tell. The teachers were all grossed out , and the kids were all amazed! I expected as much. Everyone was excited at school for Chase. He isn’t normally eager to get in the group of kids, let alone in front of the whole class…but this time he was! Although he didn’t talk to the class, he showed them all his slug friend. His baby steps forward are turning into medium sized steps (insert a silent mommy woot woot fist pump here!). I just know he’ll start talking out loud in school any day now! Hey, slugs for autism…who knew!


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