Graciousness this Patriot Day

Today I am gracious.

I am gracious for emergency response workers. I am gracious for civil force employees. I am gracious for the military. I am especially gracious that these people are well trained and willing to serve in the capacity they do.

Today, like every September 11th since 2001, our family discusses what happened. This is not easy. We don’t want to scare the kids, but how do you not? Simple answers are fine with our 4 year olds, our 6 year old asks questions, but nothing too deep. Our 9 year old presents the challenge for us. Her questions have gotten more intense over the last couple of years. She wants details. She wants to know why anyone would do something so terrible. It breaks my heart to see her lose the innocence and carefree mentality of childhood as all of the answers sink in to her young mind.

She understands that people have different beliefs, different morals, practice different religions. Regardless, she does not understand why or how anyone could ever perform such an act.

She knows what happened, we’ve read about it and answered all of her questions truthfully. My truth is that I never want her to understand or know that kind of evil. I want to protect all of my children from it. So, after the facts are discussed we focus on just knowing that sometimes people do terrible terrible things that are incomprehensible and that there are ALWAYS people that work to protect us, to save us, to help us, and to heal us. We teach respect, support, and gratitude for those people. And above all, we emphasize a strong belief in goodness.

What will you talk about today with your children?


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