Drinking Science

So this weekend we incorporated science into our dinner. Hands on science is always a bigger hit in my house as opposed to just reading about it.

We had been reading about liquids, gases, and solids and making lists of examples of each and different characteristics.

Science Bob had a great experiment about liquid density, so why not! We needed a beverage with dinner anyway.

We read the experiment together, then we picked three types of juices. We wrote down the facts about the juices to include their sugar content, color, and type. Then we guessed which would be on the bottom, middle, and top. Then we performed the experiment….and it didn’t work. All of the juices mixed together making a gross looking concoction. So, we tried again with just two juices. This time we were slower, more deliberate, and worked with less juice 🙂

It worked. At least well enough that we could all see the layers of juice. White grape juice and V8 Fusion Pomegranate Blueberry juice. I boosted the color in the photo below so it was clearer in the image….you can definitely see the juices are different densities, but Science Bob’s photo is much better for layer distinction. White grape juice on the bottom and V8 Fusion on top. (Boy was I relieved when it worked! The kiddos didn’t believe it would!)

I took the picture pretty quickly after putting the juices together..but I had to, the kids were pretty eager to drink it up.

Pretty neat kitchen science!


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