A Trip to Charm City

This past weekend we went to Baltimore, the National Aquarium to be precise. We invested in an annual Family Plus Membership there (if you go there more than once a year this makes sense!). Anyway, being the frugal zealots that we are we parked in Little Italy for the $3/day fee and walked about a half a mile to the aquarium.

When all was said and done there were three things that my kids adored about our trip. The dolphin show…who doesn’t love a good dolphin show, a gate in Little Italy, and a small door in Little Italy. My pictures didn’t come out well from the dolphin show, but trust us…it’s a good show!

Here is the gate — we romanticized it in Picasa 🙂

Here is the little door that my boys thought was an elevator for short kids — no editing.

The National Aquarium in Baltimore really is a fantastic place to visit. There are great displays and it’s a very well kept facility, and the harbor is just a neat place to go and see. But, it’s very busy and the crowds can be overwhelming…especially at the octopus tank. It is a great reality though when the children talked about the trip they focused on the gate and the little gray door. Two very simple things that drew their attention, and didn’t cost a dime to see.

Here is a lovely picture of the jellyfish display at the aquarium to brighten your day.


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