I have a love for vintage things. My home is filled with antique furniture, beautiful items made by hand…I appreciate the hard work and personal touch to the craftsmanship. Our best finds were not found in big antique shops, but rather in small, rinky-dink, run down places…mostly in Central Texas. Ads taken out in the penny saver or random finds in a place called The Barn in Belton, TX…purchased for a fraction of what you’d pay in a fancy antique store.

My favorite vintage item is not a piece of furniture, it’s a necklace charm. It belonged to my Great Grandma Lucy. I wear it often and strangers stop me to tell me they love it, too.

There’s no mark on it or anything to identify who made it. She wore a lot of costume jewelry, big gaudy pearls and dangly crystals that my cousins and I thought were great when we were little to play dress up in. But this piece is so simple and elegant, I adore it.

I always stop to look at the jewelry in thrift and antique stores…maybe I’ll find another little treasure.


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