Micaela’s Point of View

Every once in a while I’ll let my kids snap photos with my camera, Micaela gets to do so more often because she is older and more coordinated.

I love to see what the kids think is worthy of a photo..a little insight into what they like. All of the kids really enjoy looking at their photos as well.

These are a couple of Micaela’s photos. I edited them with her guidance.

Tree bark at the local tennis courts.

Chase on the swing


Devan’s new teeth growing in

I think the pictures of the boys are framable, and the bark is nice to look at. Maybe the picture of the teeth would be great at a dentist’s office or something. Devan liked it.

She also took this shot of me. I’ll have to help her to zoom out…no one needs to see my wrinkles as they develop! She thinks it’s funny though 🙂 … anyway….

So, this was Micaela’s point of view on Saturday September 1st.


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