Dinner for my neighbor

I made dinner for my neighbor and her husband one night this week. She had surgery on her knee and since he works odd hours I figured it would be helpful. It wasn’t anything fancy…chicken, pasta, salad, and strawberries….when I gave it to her she started to cry. This caught me completely off guard. In fact, was really taken aback by her reaction and wasn’t sure what to do. She kept saying thank you, so I simply said it was not a problem at all and that I hoped she enjoyed it….and that it was the least I could do considering how welcome they made us feel last month when we moved here. It is always nice to move somewhere and feel welcome!

Sometimes it is the simplest of gestures that can really impact a person. Her tears reminded me that no matter how happy and outgoing someone is you really have no idea what is going on deep inside of them. I’m glad she was surprised by our dinner gift.

I wonder what other simple gestures of kindness would have this kind of impact?

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